Month: January 2014

Our Sea Gals are showing their Seahawks Pride

Since we’re a Personal Injury Law Firm, we usually dress very professionally at the office.  In support of the Seahawks, the boss gave us a day to show our team spirit.  The ladies donned their Seahawks jerseys and sported the Seahawk

Best of Tukwila 2014 Follow the link above to vote us as the Best Law Firm in Tukwila.  IMPORTANT: 50% of the form must be filled out for your vote to count. Listed below is what some of the employees have suggested as

It was my first time and it was a good experience

“I’ll be sure to use the same law office if I need representation.” Alex P.

What you need to know if you’ve been involved in a massive pileup.

By Olga Blotnis If you find yourself involved in a multiple vehicle collision, remember to:  stay calm, check for injuries and if necessary move your vehicle or get away from your vehicle. If you do not require immediate medical attention,

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Highly recommend, very honest

“They were understanding, efficient and were able to help me with my settlement.” Cynthia P.

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Winter is coming…

By Olga Blotnis Technically speaking, winter is actually already here; While this wonderful season brings snow and all the fun activities associated with it, it also brings bad weather and treacherous road conditions. People who do not follow the rules

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Chihuahua’s joyride causes a fender-bender

By Tai Larson Thankfully no one need a lawyer for this accident.  But King 5 reported that Tabitha was stopped at a red light when she was suddenly struck.  She looked to see who ran into her, but she didn’t

Student dances his way back to a speedy recovery

By Tai Larson This is a remarkable story that I found from  Isra Somana suffered traumatic brain injury after a car/bike accident on July 15th, 2013.  His therapist is truly amazed at how quickly he’s recovered and how completely

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New Beginnings

Happy New Year

By Tai Larson Welcome to a new year and a new beginning for our firm and website. If you’ve been to our website before you will notice that we have made some changes.  Aside from having a new look, there are

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