Month: November 2015

You Can Always Be Thankful

Some people say they’re thankful that they don’t need us.  While others say they were thankful for us when they did need us.  So in a way you can always be thankful we’re there.  Let’s face it, you don’t want

Frequent questions regarding wills and estate planning

What if I’m divorced, but my will has not been changed? Will my Ex-spouse get everything? What if my children are minors?  Who will take care of them if I do not have a Will? Who will watch out for

How often do I need to update my will?

It depends on the flexibility of the Will.  Wills can be drafted with great flexibility.  There are provisions in the law which allows changes in bequests to people without changing the original Will document. However, there are certain circumstances under

When is a trust needed?

A trust is a frequently used tool for assuring that your children will get the benefit of your estate without placing the responsibility and burden of making financial decisions on them at an early age. Trusts are also frequently used