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Some say its the best gift

Those who have it may take it for granted and not even think of it as a gift.  I'm talking about your health.  I've come to appreciate the value of good health after seeing our clients who were healthy and happy…

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When is a trust needed?

A trust is a frequently used tool for assuring that your children will get the benefit of your estate without placing the responsibility and burden of making financial decisions on them at an early age. Trusts are also frequently used…

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Do you need a will?

Probably.  If you die without a will, Washington law dictates how your estate is distributed, which may not be the way you want it divided. The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) Title 11 sets forth Washington laws regarding the descent…

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Welcome Paul Apple

We are pleased to welcome Paul Apple to our team of attorneys.  Clients will benefit greatly with his vast experience as a senior litigator in personal injury and wrongful death cases. [See his full bio here]  Clients will also be able…

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