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WEIERLAW is there to help you through handling your insurance claim so you can focus on healing and recovering. An insurance adjuster has an advantage over you if you don’t have representation and they will close your case for less than it is worth. With a WEIERLAW Injury Attorney, you can be sure that you are protected from insurance companies that do not have your best interest in mind. Then you have more time to focus on the healing process.

Examples of Slip and Fall Injuries

Upper back and lower back sprains/strains
Broken bones
Brain Injuries/Head Trauma
Muscle sprains/strains
Shoulder Injuries

There are many examples for a slip and fall. Each case is unique and WEIERLAW Injury Attorneys are adamant in providing quality and personalized assistance for your claim.

slip and fall injury

Fatal Slip and Falls

Slip and fall injuries range from various levels of pain and suffering. A fall for a young child may not be as traumatic as an older person, who has fragile bones and might have previous conditions that make the body more frail. Unfortunately, there is a higher chance for elderly people to experience severe and life threatening injuries after slip and fall. An elderly person is more susceptible of a fatal outcome, which is another reason property owners need to provide a safe environment for their guests. A death of a loved one is deeply tragic when it could have been prevented.


How to Prepare for a Slip and Fall Claim

  • Document all injuries right after the slip and fall
  • Take pictures of the slip and fall site
  • Seek medical attention with either your PCP or urgent care
  • Keep track of your expenses
  • Record any witnesses and their information
  • Report the accident to authority of the premises and request a written report for evidence
  • Be careful of the information you disclose to the defendant
  • Hire a WEIERLAW Injury Attorney

WEIERLAW is here to help you during this traumatic experience. Our skilled attorneys will defend your rights to the very end. Follow the the steps in How to Prepare for a Slip and Fall Claim, provides additional leverage during negotiations with the defendant’s insurance company. The more we accumulate evidence, the better the chance of receiving your monetary settlement.

There are about 8 million slip and fall accidents a year. This is about a quarter of emergency visits. Many people suffer from this life changing accident. Some may never feel normal. We need to hold the defendant accountable. However, the property owner is not automatically liable for the slip and fall. It is important to prove that the premises could have been safer for the one who fell. The property owner has a responsibility to keep the premises safe.

We Can Help

All of our personal injury cases are based on a contingency fee. Please do not worry about the upfront costs. The most pressing matter is your recovery. Call WEIERLAW and one of our representatives would be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prove the owner of the premises was negligent to keep a safe environment when a slip and fall occurs?

After experiencing a slip and fall, look out for notices or written evidence that the property owner owed you a duty of a safe environment. This will prove that your personal injury is ultimately their fault and they breached the duty in maintaining a safe premise. The breach in their obligations caused your personal injury, and the information you gather needs to support this. Lastly, you need to have evidence of injuries or financial damages directly related to the slip and fall.


How long does slip and fall settlement claim take?

Every case is unique to the details of each individual’s case. Factors like safety environments, injuries, financial and emotional damages are all considered when handling your case. We offer personalized legal assistance so you can receive every dollar you deserve.


What steps do I follow in order to prove my pain and suffering?

Here are important documents that are critical for your case to prove your pain and suffering:

  • Medical Bills
  • Medical Records
    • Hospital visits use other providers for imaging and radiology. Ask your hospital what provider they use for these exams
    • Let your attorney know of your any pre-existing conditions
  • Mental Behavioral Health Records
    • Any type of emotional damage is reported throughout your claim to use during negotiations. Settlements are not only based on physical injuries
  • Pictures of Injuries
  • Proof of Diagnosis
  • Anything else related to your claim
    • The more documents the better. Our team will examine everything and present the advantageous information during negotiations or trial


How does emotional distress relate to slip and fall claims?

After experiencing a slip and fall, an unpredictable and traumatic event, there is more than the physical injuries to consider. The mental suffering that follows a slip and fall can include depression and anxiety from the drastic change of life. Angry emotions can emerge from financial expenses, constant injuries, and inability to do daily tasks as before. These frustrations and mental setbacks are important to report so your attorneys can defend your pain and suffering.

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