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Irina B. Kolesnikov

Irina B. Kolesnikov, one of our Bilingual Receptionist, started working at the firm in July 2021. She is very communicative and friendly to all clients, which is beneficial when taking calls for attorneys and paralegals. Her attention to detail assists in her reception work, where multitasking is critical. She also adapts to any work environment and learns how to adjust to attain her goals.

Not only is Irina flexible, determine, and easygoing, she speaks fluently in Russian. We have many clients that speak different languages. Irina’s ability to interpret Russian allows increased accessibility with our clients. We can explain the settlement process clearly and we do not risk language barriers or misunderstandings.

Prior to working at the firm, she was a Wedding Photographer. Her experiences in this field taught her to “keep going,” always, whether negative or positive. She also encountered many clients of her own and gained communicative skills that are valuable for reception and translating.

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