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Victoria Wang
Litigation Verification Specialist

Victoria is our Litigation Verification Specialist and our Content Writer. She accounts for the medical bills and payments made by insurances or the clients; and disputes any problems or discrepancies. Her goal is for the client to receive the settlement they deserve after all the pain and suffering.  She is compassionate to the client’s struggles and works hard to relieve any frustrations over the process of financial and emotional recovery.

Victoria also works with the Marketing Director to create written content for the firm. She creates content for web pages, brochures, and blogs, etc. In 2019, Victoria graduated from University of Washington with a degree in English and a minor in Anthropology. With this experience, Victoria uses her writing skills for creating content, while using her anthropology knowledge to understand different cultures in our Pacific Northwest region.  At the start of her academic career, she got into program for engineering and learned extensive math skills. Although, this is not the route she chose, the knowledge has been beneficial in her accounting.

Victoria has a five-year goal to learn as much information possible at this law firm. Her ambition to keep moving forward is her motivating factor and she enjoys the work she does.

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