Elda Garcia: Receptionist


Zoryana Kirilyuk: Receptionist

Zoryana Kirilyuk: Receptionist

Zoryana Kirilyuk: Receptionist


With a background in retail it is no surprise that Zoryana works well with clients. A friendly demeanor and willingness to learn by taking on new challenges makes her an excellent addition to our receptionist team. Coming from Ukraine originally she is trilingual, able to assist our clients in English, Ukrainian, and Russian. We are excited to have Zoryana as part of the firm and to watch her grow as she takes on a new challenge in the field of office administration!


Paville Castillo: Paralegal Assistant

Paville Castillo: Opening Investigations

Paville Castillo: Opening Investigations


There is a saying, “If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person”.  Paville always keeps busy and has proven herself as a hard worker.  Before coming to the firm she worked two jobs while being the “Team Mom” for her children’s sports teams.  Paville’s attention to detail has made her a great addition to the Opening Investigations team.  She speaks Tagalog fluently and is able to assist our Filipino clients who prefer to speak Tagalog.  Paville brings good energy to the firm, takes pride in her work and we are proud to have her serving our clients.

Silinda: Paralegal Assistant

Silinda - Opening Investigations

Silinda – Opening Investigations


Silinda developed a passion for helping others when she was a member of AmeriCorps.  Eventually her social work encompassed being a domestic violence advocate, child protective services and work in residential facilities.  Silinda became interested in working in law offices as a way to continue helping others, this time with a lawyer on her side.  Her “fire-stick” of a personality makes her fun to work with.  Although she was born in Seattle, she moved to New York for a while just to try it out.  Silinda takes a no-nonsense approach towards our client’s matters and we all appreciate her focus and dedication.

Molly Cebulla: Paralegal Assistant

Molly Cebulla: Receptionist

Molly Cebulla: Receptionist


Molly is a recent graduate of Kentlake High School, born and raised in Washington State. She is an extremely active and dedicated member of Job’s Daughters, where she volunteers her time and energy to serving the community. Molly aspires to have a career in music and performance, and anticipates attending University of Puget Sound in the near future. Her cheerful disposition and can do attitude make her the perfect addition to our reception team!

Austin Robbins: Junior Prelitigation Paralegal


Cinthia Barbosa Guzman: Junior Prelitigation Paralegal

Cinthia Barbosa Guzman: Spanish Liaison and Opening Investigations

Cinthia Barbosa Guzman: Spanish Liaison and Opening Investigations


Prior to coming to the firm, Cinthia was a hostess at a local restaurant while attending college.  She started her schooling at Renton Technical College in their Legal Assistant program and finished her Associate of Arts at Highline Community College.  Cinthia developed a good clerical foundation from her schooling which has been an asset to her position as an Opening Investigator.  Her hosting prepared her for engaging with our clients and healthcare providers, where she is professional and charming.  We are happy to have her part of our team.

Leticia Maldonado: Prelitigation Paralegal

Leticia Maldonado: Spanish Liaison Opening Investigations

Leticia Maldonado: Spanish Liaison Opening Investigations


Letty brought her friendly demeanor and people skills honed while working in the retail sector when she joined the firm in 2016. Equipped with a paralegal certificate and a tenacious nature, she is always prepared to do whatever it takes to provide benefit to the Opening Investigations team as she works toward becoming a paralegal. Bilingual in Spanish, Letty is also capable of greeting our Spanish-speaking clientele with an open ear and attentive focus.

Alla Momotyuk: Prelitigation Paralegal

Alla Momotyuk: Administrative Assistant and Ukrainian-Russian Liaison

Alla Momotyuk: Administrative Assistant and Ukrainian-Russian Liaison


Alla started with the firm as an intern from Green River Community College.  She was such a motivated and energetic intern that she was offered full time employment immediately upon completion of her program.  She also speaks both Ukrainian and Russian fluently.   Our ever-smiling Alla is a joy to have in the office and our clients universally love her.

Lisa McFall: Prelitigation Paralegal

Lisa McFall - Paralegal and Open Investigations

Lisa McFall: Paralegal and Open Investigations


Lisa graduated from Penn Valley Community College in Kansas City, MO in 1994. She has been working as a paralegal since that time and moved to Washington State in 1996. She has a background in personal injury, bankruptcy and collection law. Lisa loves working with people and has been a crucial member of both the pre-litigation and the litigation team. Her drive and organization skills assures that her cases are moved smoothly and quickly through the lawsuit process.

Melissa Gregory: Senior Prelitigation Paralegal


Shannon Hrycay: Senior Prelitigation Paralegal

Shannon Hrycay - Supervisor

Shannon Hrycay: Supervisor


After studying Psychology at the University of Washington, Shannon worked as a certified special education teacher and preschool teacher for many years. Her experience has taught her how to provide a positive experience for clients and be flexible.

Shannon began working for The Law Offices of Steven D. Weier as a Settlement Proposal Writer in May 2012. She has continued to build her relationships with clients and her knowledge of personal injury law.

We are excited to have Shannon on board! Her perpetually positive attitude and drive to provide excellent customer service are a glowing example of the our “Do the Right Thing, Always” philosophy.

Betina (Tina) Bartruff: Senior Prelitigation Paralegal

Betina (Tina) Bartruff - Supervisor

Betina (Tina) Bartruff: Supervisor


Tina Bartruff started with the firm as an office assistant and has moved steadily up the promotion ladder.  She is now considered the firm’s expert when it comes to vehicle damage and valuation.  Tina performs most of the initial investigation on cases, including obtaining witness statements, photographs and reconstruction information.  She is also an integral member of the Catastrophic Loss Team.  Tina has a background in EMT and massage therapy, and brings a unique and enhanced medical understanding to the firm.

Joe Graddon: Settlement Demand Writer


Joe is a graduate of Washington State University and Seattle University’s School of Law. His legal background includes working on complex land use issues and evidencing vested property rights for private property owners. Joe has since taken that experience and transitioned into the field of personal injury, where he is dedicated to bringing the same level of advocacy to our practice. We are glad he made that choice and decided to be part of our team.

Julia Styer: Litigation Paralegal


Angie Martinez: Senior Litigation Paralegal

Angie Martinez - Paralegal

Angie Martinez: Paralegal


Angie is the paralegal to Steven Weier. She has been working as a paralegal for over 16 years. She started her career in the legal industry in Texas, but has been in the northwest long enough that her drawl is pretty much gone. . . She has a strong background in plaintiff’s personal injury litigation, and brings experience and know-how to the firm.

Nicole Sabbatini: Release and Disbursement Specialist


Katherine Swanson: Executive Assistant

Katherine Swanson - Executive Assistant

Katherine Swanson: Executive Assistant


Katherine brings a vast array of experience and talent to the firm in her new role as Human Resources Representative and Executive Assistant to Steven D. Weier. With a background in Retail Management, Business and Investment Banking, Small Business Financial Management, and let’s not forget mom to the 2 spirited little ones; Katherine is well versed in juggling multiple tasks efficiently. With her brazen personality and bottomless candy jar, we look forward to having Katherine as part of the team.

Tai Larson: IT Director

Tai Larson: IT Director and Internet Marketing Manager

Tai Larson: IT Director and Internet Marketing Manager


Before coming to work with the firm, Tai was the owner of Savvy Solutions a local Computer Services company.  His 14 years of experience marketing his own company has transferred well in representing the firm on the Internet and in the community.  His “can do” attitude and willingness to take on all challenges exemplifies what we strive for in the firm.

Lynn Silva: Marketing Director

Lynn Silva: Marketing Director

Lynn Silva: Marketing Director


Lynn Silva began with the firm in June 2003. Quick to learn and eager to please, she quickly advanced to a management position as a Provider-Liaison Lynn’s pleasant & charming personality and air of competence serves her well in the task of maintaining professional relationships with the many health care providers we interact with on a daily basis.

She has great organizational skills and multitasking capabilities, and splits her time between managing the firm’s public relations efforts and providing support to the District Court Civil Litigation team. Lynn’s hard-working “nose-to-the-grindstone” attitude is typical of the high-quality members of our support staff.

Catherine Trejo: Legal Assistant

Catherine Trejo - Intern

Catherine Trejo: Intern

Catherine began her time with the firm in October of 2016 through Renton Technical College’s Intern Program, where she is currently pursuing a Legal Assistant degree. Although new to our firm, she certainly is not new to the industry. Having worked as a bookkeeper and legal secretary for a firm in Colorado, as a secretary, docket clerk, and court clerk for the Denver Juvenile Courts, and finally a court technician for the Seattle Youth Court, Catherine loves the challenges that the legal field present her. As a foster parent and a dedicated volunteer to her church, she enjoys playing an important role in people’s lives, helping support them during the most difficult of times. We are very fortunate to have Catherine here with us while she finishes up her education.