You’ve suffered a personal injury related to a product and now are looking for product liability answers.

The Law Offices of Steven D. Weier has those answers and the extra expertise required for such cases.

What You Can’t Do Without in a Product Liability Case
For a typical product liability claim to be successful, you need experienced attorneys and knowledgeable experts working on your behalf. For example, such cases usually involve:

securing the failed product(s) as evidence
evaluation of the failed product(s) by an expert
research and investigation to satisfy insurance demands
assembling the body of evidence in a manner designed to prevail in litigation

With the team at the Law Offices of Steven D. Weier in your corner, you have access to attorneys and experts that know such matters inside and out thanks to years of experience.

Is Yours a Product Liability Case?
While not all product liability cases are alike, you can refer to the following real case examples to see if they resemble your situation:

A man purchased a nail gun accessory that caused the gun’s safety mechanism to fail, resulting in the accidental discharge of a nail.
A man purchased a hand saw with a defective guard system that became unsecured during use, resulting in the loss of a thumb.
An auto accident resulted when cars at the top of a hill turned left where proper road design would have dictated a “No Left Turn” sign.

The cases above highlight how product liability claims are commonly based on issues surrounding defective design, faulty manufacturing, or inadequate safety warnings.

Are You a Victim of Defective Product Design or Manufacturing?
Whether you feel you’ve been injured by a product with defective design, faulty manufacturing, or inadequate safety warnings, contact us today to set up a no-charge product liability consultation.

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