Why Have an Attorney?

Put the Power of Leverage on Your Side
You, the claimant, need an attorney for leverage. If a claimant is without an attorney, and demands that the insurance company pay the claimant money for his injuries, he has no leverage to negotiate with.

The adjuster for the insurance company may make a smaller offer of settlement which is well below adequate.

What can the claimant do? The claimant says, “Pay up a reasonable amount, or I’ll sue.” The insurance adjuster knows that is an idle threat if there is no attorney to file suit.

An Experienced Attorney Gives the Claimant Leverage
An experienced personal injury attorney knows how to deal with insurance companies and knows the procedures for getting a claim moving and settled. Moreover, an attorney knows how to value a personal injury case.

Without an attorney, a claimant will probably settle his claim for less than it is worth, or the claim may get delayed in bureaucratic red tape. Without the proper procedures, an insurance company can sit on a claim for a long time — sometimes long enough that the Statute of Limitations runs out on the claim, leaving the claimant without the ability to file suit.

Your Personal Injury Case and the Law Offices of Steven D. Weier
At the Law Offices of Steven D. Weier, we emphasize handling personal injury cases. As a result, your personal injury claim is successfully managed from beginning to end in a timely and affordable manner that only comes through extensive experience and a focus on efficiency.

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Note: if you encounter personal injury claim terms you’re unfamiliar with, refer to What is a Personal Injury Claim or Glossary of Common Terms.