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5 Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

Why it’s important to call a personal injury attorney first.

Many people fear that hiring an injury attorney will be expensive – or that it means you must actually go to court.  The reality is that injury attorneys almost always get paid out of the settlement at the end of the case. It is extremely rare for an injury attorney to require money up front.  Moreover, the size of the settlement with an attorney typically dwarfs the size of a settlement people recover without an attorney.  That means that claimants routinely receive more money at the end of the process if they retain an attorney – even after the attorney’s fees – than if they do not.  If that was the case, injury attorneys would not be able to stay in business.

Although every case is different, 90% of injury cases settle without filing a lawsuit.  And of the 10% of cases where lawsuits are filed, 90% of those settle in mediation without ever having to walk into Court.   That means 99 out of 100 cases are resolved without involving the Courtroom experience.  An injury lawyer who Understands this process saves you from stress and avoids the high expenses of a jury trial.

Good injury attorneys are also there to help you on some of the worst days of your life. Without an attorney, you may be overwhelmed with calls from insurance companies; faced with mounting medical bills; navigating the unknown waters of insurance coverage; or without transportation while your car is being repaired or replaced.   You are at a severe disadvantage against a seasoned and trained insurance adjuster who may be applying constant pressure to close your claim.  Your time should be spent on recovering and healing – not overwhelmed by the stress of bills and resolving your accident claim.   A good injury attorney can assist you with each aspect of your claim – including managing the payment of your medical bills and keeping the insurance companies from pressuring you. This is exactly when a good injury attorney can help save the day.

Dealing with an auto accident in Washington State? Why a free legal consultation is totally worth it!

– Clarity into insights of the case
– Recommended strategies for the circumstance
– Referrals and road maps to success
– Get a peace of mind

Here are 5 surprising ways you may not know an injury attorney can help you:


1. Personal Injury Attorneys complete a professional investigation

Injury firms use their own investigators to review and document the evidence of an accident. They work hard to interview witnesses, compile data and evaluate theories to determine how the accident occurred.  Firms with years of experience – like WeierLaw – have accident reconstruction data to draw sound conclusions when fighting your case. They also have access to experts and specialists like Accident Re-constructionists; Bio-mechanical Engineers; Road Design and Road Construction Engineers; and other outside investigators.  A good injury attorney’s office will have access to many resources to establish the facts of the case.

2. Personal Injury Attorneys can help connect you to quality medical providers

It is no surprise that injury attorneys deal with people suffering a health crisis. Because of this, a good injury attorney‘s office will have business relationships with local medical professionals and specialist who can help the client in their recovery process.   Here at WeierLaw, we have worked with hundreds of local physicians and health care providers.  We have an excellent reputation in the region.  If you need help connecting with health care professionals, we can frequently provide a recommendation or help you find one that fits your needs.

3. The firm will thoroughly assess damages

Good injury attorneys have the experience and tools to properly value a case.  The relative values of subjective injuries like emotional distress, scarring or disfigurement, or pain and suffering require case comparisons and jury verdict analysis.  The value of a loss of earning capacity is different than the value of lost earnings or the loss of future earnings.  These types of wage damage assessments require economic analysis.  The WeierLaw firm employs or contracts with professionals who can assist with these types of issues.  Steven Weier – the owner and founder of the WeierLaw firm, is a licensed CPA as well as an attorney.  This access to financial expertise allows the firm to evaluate claims more in depth and without high outside expert costs.  Similarly, the WeierLaw firm also has health care professionals on staff to assist in the proper evaluation of injury claims and treatment protocols.   All of these special skills within the firm allow for a very thorough assessment of the case value.

4. Personal Injury Attorneys do more than just negotiating

Many people believe they are good negotiators.  But the best negotiators have the proper tools to leverage their position and reach the optimal outcome.  Good injury attorneys get higher results because they understand the process that the insurance companies incorporate to evaluate and negotiate a case.  The WeierLaw lawyers know that insurance companies evaluate claims based on the contents of the medical records and bills.  They know that the insurance companies use software to evaluate claims based on specific information input: for example diagnosis codes (broken bones versus whiplash); treatment codes (surgery versus physical therapy); accident dynamics (low speed rear-end accident versus highspeed T-Bone collision); and wage loss documentation. By understanding the software and evaluation process adopted by the insurance companies, the WeierLaw firm understands which information should be emphasized and additional support provided in order to direct the insurance company’s evaluation in the correct manner.

5. The attorney only gets paid if you get a recovery

Hiring an attorney’s office may seem like an expensive prospect.   However most injury attorneys work on a “contingency fee” basis.  That means, instead of charging by the hour, the attorney’s compensation is calculated as a percentage of the total claim recovery.  It is “contingent” on receiving compensation from the insurance company.  That means there are no any upfront fees and you don’t get billed every time you talk to the attorneys on the phone.  The attorneys get paid a percentage of the funds recovered at the end of the case, whether it is a settlement, a mediation agreement, and arbitration award, or a jury verdict.  That also means the attorney only gets paid if there is a successful resolution of the claim.   No recovery, no attorney fee.

After reviewing some of the ways an injury attorney can help you, and taking into account that there is no up front cost, its easy to see why its great decision to hire a good injury attorney.


“This is great, I understand now why a personal injury attorney can be important to my accident, what do I do next?”


Here at WeierLaw, we are committed to providing a seamless process to assist you in what may be a very difficult time.  We always offer a free consultation to hear about your case and how we can help.


If you are interested in finding out more how WeierLaw can help you, please contact us today!

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