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5 Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

Why You Should Hire a WEIERLAW Injury Attorney

You might be skeptical about hiring an injury attorney because of the high expenses or the intimidating courtroom appearances. But in most cases, injury attorneys get paid at settlement time rather than requiring the money upfront. Even with the fees that are taken at the end of the process, the size of the settlement with an injury attorney is typically greater than without representation.

Although, every case is different, 90% of injury cases settle without filing a lawsuit. For the remaining 10%, 90% of those settle in mediation without needing a judge. That means 99 out of 100 cases are resolved without involving the courtroom experience. The expensive fees of a jury trial minimize your settlement, as well.

5 Reasons To Hire Us As Your Injury Attorney:

WEIERLAW is there to help you through handling your insurance claim so you can focus on healing and recovering. An insurance adjuster has an advantage over you if you don’t have representation, and they will close your case for less than its worth. With a WEIERLAW Injury Attorney, you can be sure that you are protected from insurance companies that may not have your best interest in mind. In return, you will have more time to focus on the healing process.

1. WEIERLAW will complete a comprehensive investigation

We use our own investigators to examine and document the evidence of an accident. The investigators interview witnesses, compile data, and evaluate theories to determine how the accident occurred. They have accident reconstruction data to draw accurate conclusions when defending your case. They also have access to experts and specialists like Accident Re-Constructionists; Bio-Mechanical Engineers; Road Design and Construction Engineers; and other corresponding investigators. We ensure accessibility to many resources to verify the facts of the collision.

2. WEIERLAW can recommend a high quality and trusted medical provider

It is no surprise that we deal with people suffering from a health crisis. Therefore, we’ve maintained business relationships with medical professionals and specialists who can help you in your healing process. At WEIERLAW, we have worked with hundred of local physicians and health care providers, keeping an excellent reputation within this region. If you need help connecting with health care providers, we are frequently able to provide a recommendation that fits your needs.

3. WEIERLAW prepares a complete case value analysis

In order to thoroughly assess the damages to your health and property, and to account for loss time, we contract with professionals to ensure our analyses are correct. For instance, Steven Weier is the founder and owner of the WEIERLAW firm, but also is a licensed CPA. His financial expertise allows the firm to evaluate claims more in depth and without high external costs. Similarly, WEIERLAW cooperates with staffed healthcare professionals to assist with proper evaluations of injury claims and treatment protocols. We use specialists within the firm to offer a professional insight of the case value.

4. WEIERLAW is a recognized industry leader in customer service and satisfaction

Our main goal every day is to do the right thing, always. Our clients come first! With over 25 years of experience in personal injury, we have won 95% of our cases, recovered over $100 million in damages, and maintained a 5-star average rating. We continue to research new ways to understand the insurance claim process better so that you are always receiving the best possible outcome.

5. WEIERLAW only charges a fee if you receive compensation

You already have to worry about medical bills, property damage, and numerous stressful components after an accident. The last anxiety you need is a ridiculous lawyer’s fee that you cannot afford. That is why WEIERLAW only requires a “contingency fee.” Instead of charging by the hour, our compensation is calculated as a percentage of the total claim recovery. This way, you are not billed every time you speak to your injury attorney. Also, if there is no recovery, then we waive the contingency fee.

After reviewing some of the ways an injury attorney can help you, and taking into account that there is no up front cost, its easy to see why its great decision to hire a good injury attorney.


“This is great, I understand now why a personal injury attorney can be important to my accident, what do I do next?”

AT WEIERLAW, we are committed in providing you assistance during this difficult time. Schedule a free consultation if you are interested in finding out more about we can help you!

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