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Washington State
Personal Injury Attorneys

If you’ve been injured in an accident or from the negligence of someone else, we are here to help with legal advice. We have served our community for over 20 years fighting to win thousands of cases for our clients. We have one guiding principle, “Do the right thing, always”.

Fee Structure


Why choose us?

We charge the same rate whether the case resolves by settlement, arbitration, mediation, trial, or appeal – it is always 1/3 of the recovery. Because we do not have increasing fee rate – we have a very competitive fee structure.   |   Schedule Free Consultation Today

Our Legal Services

Personal Injury Attorneys

When you suffer a personal injury from an accident, you not only deserve an appropriate settlement, you also deserve to know the process involved in reaching a settlement.

With over 25 years of experience, our qualified personal injury attorneys and friendly staff manage all the details of your case so you can focus on your recovery. By choosing WeierLaw to represent your personal injury case, you sign up for a process that respects your physical, financial and emotional needs while supporting you every step of the way.  Click Here To Learn More About The Process Of A Personal Injury Claim.

Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

You’ll get help with both your personal & vehicle recover. When you have suffered a personal injury due to an auto accident, you have two main concerns: your recovery and that of your vehicle. Have a experienced personal attorney on your side fighting for an appropriate settlement.


Trip And Fall

Trip and Fall

The facts you need to know about trip and fall injury resolution. Premises liability cases are notoriously difficult for a claimant (you) to win. The typical premises liability case is a “slip-and-fall” or “trip-and-fall”, although there are other types of premises liability cases.


Product Liability

Product Liability

For a typical product liability claim to be successful, you need experienced attorneys and knowledgeable experts working on your behalf. If you’ve suffered a personal injury related to a product and now are looking for answers, we are experienced to handle those claims.




Your Legal Team Understands What You’re Going Through

As a personal injury sufferer, you are not alone. Most of our staff at the Law Offices of Steven D. Weier has also suffered from a personal injury.

On top of offering you understanding throughout your time of recovery and compensation, you will have the benefit of qualified personal injury attorneys and friendly staff to manage your case from beginning to end.

By emphasizing personal injury cases, the Law Offices of Steven Weier offers you what our satisfied clients have already enjoyed – the support and help needed for you to get better, and a fair settlement to help make you whole again.

Why choose us?

Qualified legal attorneys

20+ years experience

Top rated law office

Affordable legal services

of our cases settle without filing a lawsuit
of our cases involving lawsuits settle prior to trial


Our Attorneys

An Experienced Attorney Gives the Claimant Leverage

Relax – You’ve Got the Support of an Experienced Law Team
Your personal injury is just that – personal. We take pride in helping you understand the recovery process and network there to provide resources.

While You Recover Your Team Promptly Handles the Details
By choosing the Law Offices of Steven D. Weier to handle your personal injury case, you are choosing the attention that is vital to your personal recovery, and the professional know-how that is crucial to your best possible settlement.

Why have an attorney?
Without an attorney, a claimant will probably settle his claim for less than it is worth, or the claim may get delayed in bureaucratic red tape. Without the proper procedures, an insurance company can sit on a claim for a long time — sometimes long enough that the Statute of Limitations runs out on the claim, leaving the claimant without the ability to file suit. Read 5 reasons to hire an attorney here.

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We’re Looking Forward to Your Visit
The attorneys and staff at the Law Offices of Steven D. Weier look forward to you welcoming you to our offices. If you’d like to talk with a specific person please call in advance to ensure they will be available to meet with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clear Information about Recovering from Personal Injury Accidents
Your time is precious, especially now, due to your extra concerns surrounding your personal injury. You’ll find straight answers to tough questions that other personal injury sufferers have asked us, choose from the list below. And if your questions are still not answered, contact us and we’ll get back to you within 2 to 4 working hours.

1. Why do I need an attorney?

Insurance adjusters are trained and skilled negotiators. Their job is to close claims as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

That means they are trying to pay out the least amount of money possible on your claim. They are working for their employer’s best interest – not yours.

An experienced attorney, on the other hand, is working for you. They understand your rights, and can evaluate all the available insurance coverages and benefits. They also have the experience and tools to properly value your claim and present it to the insurance company.

Your attorney will handle every aspect of processing your claim to reach the fair settlement you deserve, so you can focus on your recovery.

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2. How much does an attorney cost?

The initial consultation with our office is free.

Our fee is deducted from the settlement proceeds at the resolution of your claim. In most cases, we use a “contingent fee” arrangement which sets the fee as a percentage of the total recovery. If there is no recovery, there is no fee.

This method allows the injured person to retain high quality legal counsel without incurring expensive advance payments.

3. What if I do not want a lawsuit?

Approximately 90% of automobile cases handled by our office are settled without filing a lawsuit. Of the remaining 10%, approximately 90% of those settle prior to arbitration or trial.

A lawsuit is filed only if a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached with the insurance company, and the client is willing to pursue the claim through litigation. At our office, YOU are the only one who can authorize the filing of a lawsuit on your behalf.

5. Who pays my medical bills?

Each case is different. Determining who will pay your medical bills while you are receiving medical care depends on what coverages are available, and what insurance your providers can accept.

Our office communicates between your health care providers and the insurance companies to facilitate timely payment of your bills. When necessary, our office can help arrange alternative financing of medical bills.

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