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Personal Injury Services


You’ll Get Help with Both Your Personal & Vehicle Recovery. If you have suffered a personal injury due to an auto accident, you have two main concerns: your recovery and that of your vehicle.

trip and fall services

Premises liability cases are notoriously difficult for a claimant (you) to win. The typical premises liability case is a “slip-and-fall” or “trip-and-fall”, although there are other types of premises liability cases.

Product liability services

You’ve suffered a personal injury related to a product and now are looking for product liability answers. For a typical product liability claim to be successful, you need experienced attorneys and knowledgeable experts working on your behalf.

Personal Injuries Include

Dog bites

pedestrian vs. automobile accidents

Commercial vehicle accidents


Work-related injuries

Motorcycle accidents

Defective products


The Process

Caring for Your Physical, Financial and Emotional Needs 

As a personal injury sufferer, you not only deserve an appropriate settlement, you also deserve to know the process involved in reaching that settlement.

By choosing the Law offices of Steven Weier to represent your personal injury case, you sign up for a process that respects your physical, financial and emotional needs while supporting you every step of the way. Our qualified personal injury attorneys and friendly staff manage all the details of your case so you can focus on your recovery.

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What to Expect When the Law Offices of Steven D. Weier Represents Your Case
Although every personal injury case is unique, there is a general process followed for each case we represent:

  1. You contact our offices to set up an initial no-fee consultation with an attorney.
  2. Once you decide you want our qualified personal injury attorneys and supportive staff successfully managing your case as they have with our other satisfied clients, you sign on to have the Law Offices of Steven D. Weier represent you.
  3. All calls to you stop. Now the insurance companies and related parties contact our offices instead of you, giving you the peace of mind needed for your recovery.
  4. We monitor your recovery, while providing unique support services, such as helping in the management of medical bill payments and assisting in getting the proper amount for your property damage.
  5. We develop a Settlement Proposal based on medical records and the details of your case.
  6. We enter into negotiations with the insurance companies for your best possible settlement.
  7. Once we have the highest, best and final settlement offer, we review the offer with you while breaking down how the funds would be distributed.
  8. You then determine for yourself if this is the best settlement you can get – but rest assured that our years of experience with personal injury cases will assist you in making that determination.
  9. You decide to accept the settlement or file a law suit.
  10. If you accept the settlement, the Law Offices of Steven Weier handle all the payments involved while accounting for every penny. You’ll appreciate knowing 87% of our cases settle without filing a lawsuit.
  11. If you choose to file a law suit and go to trial, your case is handled by our seasoned litigation attorneys . Your case is kept moving as we assign self-imposed time limits on the progression of your suit to make sure you get the earliest possible trial dates and case resolution.After filing a law suit, your case may still be settled prior to trial. Of the cases filed through Steven Weier Law, 90% settle prior to trial.
  12. If your case goes to trial, your case will receive superior litigation arguments thanks to the experience of our personal injury trial attorneys.When it comes to the trial of your case, keep in mind that the law works in a proof process, not a truth process. In order to be properly compensated for your personal injury, you need all the proof available to you (e.g., medical records, expert testimony, etc.) organized and presented in the best possible manner. That is where the Law Offices of Steven D. Weier excels.

Learn more about how the proof process applies to auto accidents“trip and fall” accidents and product liability accidents, or contact us today to set up a no-charge consultation regarding your personal injury case.

More Information


By choosing the Law Offices of Steven D. Weier to represent your claim, you can leave the managing of both concerns to our team of experienced personal injury attorneys and personable support staff.

Your Vehicle Recovery Concerns are Handled Promptly
In the basic motor vehicle accident, your immediate concern may be taking care of the property damage (damage to your vehicle). We assist you in getting the vehicle repaired, arranging alternative transportation, and, if necessary, establishing loss-of-use value.

For total loss accidents, we do our own total-loss-valuation to compare with the insurance company’s total-loss-valuation to make sure you get the appropriate value for your vehicle.

For severely damaged but not total-loss collisions, we investigate and make a claim for loss of value of your vehicle (Once a car is wrecked and repaired, its resale value is less).

There is no fee charged by our office for helping you with the property damage portion of your claim.

How We Handle Your Personal Recovery Concerns

  • Monitors your medical progress
  • Ensures the appropriate insurance is paying your related bills
  • Encourages you to pursue a speedy and full recovery

Once you finish treatment with your doctors, we:

  • Gather the necessary medical records
  • Determine a case-value
  • Develop a Settlement Proposal for the insurance company
  • Enter into negotiations of the case

If an appropriate settlement cannot be reached, you can choose to have a lawsuit filed on your behalf. At the same time:

  • 87% of our cases settle without filing a lawsuit
  • Of those cases filed, 90% settle prior to trial


The Facts You Need To Know About Trip and Fall Injury Resolution
Premises liability cases are notoriously difficult for a claimant (you) to win. The typical premises liability case is a “slip-and-fall” or “trip-and-fall”, although there are other types of premises liability cases.

To prevail in a premises liability case, we must prove that:

  1. There was a dangerous or defective condition in the premises,
  2. The premises owner/manager/personnel knew or should have known the dangerous condition was there,
  3. The dangerous or defective condition was the cause of injury to the claimant, and,
  4. The claimant was actually injured by the dangerous or defective condition.

The Challenge of Proving Liability in Trip and Fall Cases
The difficulty in proving these types of cases typically surrounds #2 – that the owners or personnel knew or should have known of the condition.

For example, water on a store’s tile floor may be an obviously dangerous condition. But if the water had only been spilled moments before the claimant slipped on it, and if the store personnel did not have time to clean it up, then the store will not be held responsible.

Addressing the Challenges of Trip and Fall Cases
These difficult cases are likely to require more investigation and are more likely to require an expert to evaluate the dangerous condition.

However, if your personal injury is due to the negligence of another party, you are entitled to an appropriate settlement and should investigate filing a claim.

Free Initial Consultation
Your initial personal injury consultation with our office is free. You will talk with an attorney about the incident and get the information you need to decide whether you want to drop it or seek payment for medical bills and compensation for your injuries. You will learn how the law views the circumstances of your personal injury and how easy or challenging it might be to prove what happened.

After your initial consultation, our fee is deducted from the settlement proceeds at the resolution of your claim. In most cases, we use a “contingent fee” arrangement which sets the fee as a percentage of the total recovery. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. This method allows you to retain high quality legal counsel without incurring expensive advance payments.

Contact us today to set up a no-charge consultation, or learn more about the Law Offices of Steven Weier or our qualified personal injury attorneys and supportive staff.


You’ve suffered a personal injury related to a product and now are looking for product liability answers.

The Law Offices of Steven D. Weier has those answers and the extra expertise required for such cases.

What You Can’t Do Without in a Product Liability Case
For a typical product liability claim to be successful, you need experienced attorneys and knowledgeable experts working on your behalf. For example, such cases usually involve:

  • securing the failed product(s) as evidence
  • evaluation of the failed product(s) by an expert
  • research and investigation to satisfy insurance demands
  • assembling the body of evidence in a manner designed to prevail in litigation

With the team at the Law Offices of Steven D. Weier in your corner, you have access to attorneys and experts that know such matters inside and out thanks to years of experience.

Is Yours a Product Liability Case?
While not all product liability cases are alike, you can refer to the following real case examples to see if they resemble your situation:

  • A person purchased a nail gun accessory that caused the gun’s safety mechanism to fail, resulting in the accidental discharge of a nail
  • A person purchased a hand saw with a defective guard system that became unsecured during use, resulting in the loss of a thumb
  • An auto accident resulted when cars at the top of a hill turned left where proper road design would have dictated a “No Left Turn” sign

The cases above highlight how product liability claims are commonly based on issues surrounding defective design, faulty manufacturing, or inadequate safety warnings.

Are You a Victim of Defective Product Design or Manufacturing?
Whether you feel you’ve been injured by a product with defective design, faulty manufacturing, or inadequate safety warnings, contact us today to set up a no-charge product liability consultation.

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