Personal Injury Glossary

Understand Common Legal Terms Related to Personal Injury 
At the Law Offices of Steven D. Weier, we personally manage your case so you can be restored physically, emotionally and financially without having to worry about new personal injury terms, concepts and procedures.

At the same time, we appreciate that you may want more information on the personal injury claim process. That is why we’ve prepared this glossary of some of the most common terms you may encounter:

Common Personal Injury-Related Terms

Adjuster: Person hired or employed by an insurance company to settle a claim. The adjuster’s job is to avoid paying out money under the claim, or to pay the minimum possible.

Arbitration: The trial process where attorneys for the Claimant and Defendant argue their respective cases before a judge.

Attorney: Person licensed to practice law who represents a Claimant or a party to a lawsuit.

Claim: A formally processed assertion of the right to money or property.

Claimant: The person making the claim under an insurance policy. Usually the victim (you).

contingent fee: An arrangement which sets the attorney’s fee as a percentage of the total recovery. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. This method allows the Claimant (injured person) to retain high quality legal counsel without incurring expensive advance payments.

Coverage: The extent of protection specified in an insurance policy.

Coverages: Items, conditions, and/or situations specified as being protected by an insurance policy.

Defendant: The person being sued.

First Party Insurance: The Claimant’s (your) insurance.

Plaintiff: The party to a lawsuit who files the suit (you).

Party: A plaintiff or a defendant.

Third Party Insurance: The Defendant’s (other person’s) insurance.

Tortfeasor: The person causing the injuries. Also known as the “At-Fault-Party” or the “Defendant.”

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