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Your Personal Injury Legal Representation

We offer personalized help for motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, product liability, wrongful death, and dog bites. Every case is unique and requires necessary legal attention to best serve you in your lawsuit. Do not let insurance companies convince you that you’re worth their low settlement offer. Consult with us to be confident in your decisions revolving your personal injury.

Personal Injury Cases
Our Emphasis at WEIERLAW

We have served locally in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years, and are guided by one principle, which is to “do the right thing, always.” That means putting your needs first, looking out for your best interest, and protecting your rights throughout the entire settlement process.


Insurance companies and the defendant work against your deserved settlement. The insurance companies want to minimize the payments made on your claim, and the defendant wants to be cleared of liability. Both parties are not considering the medical, financial, and property damage fairly. Settlement amounts and process time vary depending on your attorney’s understanding of the intricacies of injury claims. We are well experienced in negotiating with the defendant’s insurance company and are confident in our knowledge of the laws regarding your case.

Accident Law

Slip & Fall


Dog Bites

We have access to many legal resources specific to your injury claim


  • We request the investigation reports
    • This includes police reports, officer notes, 911 tape, and witness reports
    • Ensures factual evidence at the time of the injury
  • Take care of property damage
    • We negotiate total-loss settlements, LOU, rental cars, damage to personal property, and diminution of value
  • Obtain additional 1st party benefits
    • Essential/necessary services affected by the injury
    • Wage-loss from your unemployment or decreased hours
  • We make every effort for your healthcare providers to be paid in full
    • This prevents accrued interest from the provider or collections
    • Gives you peace of mind to focus on your recovery

Personal Injuries Include

Every decision we make is to benefit you rather than benefit the attorney. We do not want to take away more from your settlement than we need to because you deserve every dollar you can receive after dealing with an unpredictable injury, caused by the negligence of another party.

Let our professional legal team give you a peace of mind.

Your case will have personalized attention to ensure we are attaining all the details of your personal injury. Our focus is to take the extra time to investigate your case so we can find more information that will benefit your claim.

Your recovery is important and valued

Other firms rush through the settlement process. As a result, the client receives a lower settlement amount because the attorneys are only worried about their financial gain. On the contrary, we take pride in providing as many resources as possible for you.

Contact us today to set up FREE consultation or browse our personal injury staff below to meet our qualified attorneys and supportive staff.

Our Team

Steven D. Weier

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Theresa M. Buchner

Associate Attorney
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Paul Apple

Associate Attorney
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Chase Pruitt

Junior Associate Attorney
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Alla Momotyuk

Russian/Ukrainian Liason
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Ashley Tohlen

Executive Assistant
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Daja Cruz

Settlement Proposal Writer
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Julia Styer

Litigation Paralegal
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Katherine Autry-Schiffgens

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Leticia photo

Leticia (Letty) Maldonado

Pre-Litigation Paralegal
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Lisa McFall

Pre-litigation Paralegal
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Ron Young

Pre-litigation Paralegal
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Samantha Oakes

Records Acquisition Clerk
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Shannon Hrycay

Senior Pre-Litigation Paralegal
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Tai Larson

IT Director
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Tina Bartruff

Senior Pre-Litigation Paralegal
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Victoria Wang

Verification Specialist
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Antonio Salazar

Marketing Coordinator
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Jada Brown

Paralegal Assistant
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Rochelle Smith

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Adam Rakunas

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Irina B. Kolesnikov

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