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Client Portal Terms & Conditions

By accessing my abacus portal I acknowledge that I agree to the following terms of use of the WEIERLAW client portal access:

The data I am accessing contains private confidential information.  I understand that dissemination of this data could cause me undetermined harm, and that dissemination can occur of I do not protect my password and protect access to this sensitive information.  Sharing my password or information is expressly prohibited.  If I share my password or share the access to my information, I do so at my own risk and peril.

I also acknowledge that WEIERLAW has implemented steps to secure the data that is accessible through this portal, and is not liable or responsible, and I shall not hold WEIERLAW liable or responsible in any way for the dissemination of information therefrom by persons or entities who obtain access to the data without the express permission of WEIERLAW.  The initial password provided by WEIERLAW is secured and assures that my data is protected.  However, if I elect or choose to change the password, WEIERLAW cannot be held responsible for any access or breaches of data or information which may occur as a result of the unauthorized use of the site, or the use of an unauthorized or unsecure password.