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WEIERLAW Injury Attorneys

Why do I need a WEIERLAW Injury Attorney?

Why do I need an Injury Attorney?

Relax with the support of an experienced law team to handle all the details of your case.

You might be skeptical about hiring an injury attorney because of the high expenses or the intimidating courtroom appearances. However, in most cases, injury attorneys get paid at settlement time rather than requiring the money upfront. Even with the fees that are taken at the end of the process, the size of the settlement with an injury attorney is typically greater than without representation.

How We Help

By choosing us to pursue your personal injury claim, you can relax knowing we are diligently working to recover the compensation you deserve. We value your healing time and know how important this is for your health. Our team has multiple case managers that will review your case. This ensures all details have been accounted for and benefits your overall success.  

Succession Rate

Although every case is different, 95% of injury cases settle without filing a lawsuit. For the remaining 5%, 90% of those settle in mediation without needing a judge. That means 99 our of 100 cases are resolved without involving the courtroom experience.

How much does an attorney cost?

Your initial consultation with a WEIERLAW injury Attorney is always free. The fee for our continued representation is deducted from the settlement proceeds at the resolution of the claim. For injury cases, a “contingent fee” arrangement is utilized whereby the fee is calculated as a percentage of the total recovery – not at an hourly rate. You have the advantage of getting top-tier representation without incurring up front cost or expenses. Since the cost are contingent on the outcome of the claim, there is no fee unless you receive a recovery on your claim.

Who pays my medical bills?

Each case is different. Determining who will pay your medical bills while you are receiving medical care depends on what coverage’s are available, and what insurance your providers can accept. Our office communicates between your health care providers and the insurance companies to facilitate timely payment of your bills. When necessary, our office can help arrange alternative financing of medical bills.

What to do after an accident?

After you are in an accident, the complicated insurance claim process begins. You are confronted by unfamiliar procedures, laws, and regulations that are stressful. When you enlist the help of a WEIERLAW injury Attorney, we will provide you with a basic understanding of insurance claims, the laws governing your type of claim, as well as recommendations for your success. Learn more about Dealing with an Auto Accident in Washington State.

Setup free consultation!

When it comes to insurance claims, let us guide you. Speak to a WEIERLAW representative to consider your best options. Claimants receive more money with a WEIERLAW Injury Attorney than without one. This could be you! Contact us today.

How we handle your personal recovery claim:

  • Monitor your medical progress
  • Manage payment of medical bills and assistance
  • Ensure the appropriate insurance is paying your related bills
  • Collaborate with trained medical professionals for case review

Once Medical treatment is finished, we:

  • Gather the necessary medical records
  • Determine a case-value
  • Develop a Settlement Proposal for the insurance company
  • Enter into negotiations of the case


Our main goal every day is to do the right thing, always. Our clients come first! With over 25 years of experience in personal injury, we have on 95% of our cases, recovered over $100 MILLION dollars in damages, and maintained positive 5 star ratings. We continue to research new ways to understand the insurance claim process better so that you are always receiving the best possible outcome.

You will benefit from our team of specialist. Why should you expect one paralegal to be good at everything? Your WEIERLAW team is made up of specialized paralegals who are exceptional in their field. You will receive dependable, expert assistance by a comprehensive team.

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