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Communication About Your Case: What You Should Expect

There is nothing more important to us than the trust that clients put in our firm to take care of a traumatic moment in their lives. Communication is key to maintaining that trust; that is why we have procedures in place and new projects on the horizon to ensure that clients are getting the necessary updates on their case.

It is the expectation of the firm that every paralegal gives a monthly update to their clients. Whether there is something new on the file or it is at the same status as before, clients will receive monthly communication from our office regarding their case. We have many facets of communication available for the client’s choosing: phone call, email, text, or in-person. We make communication as easy as possible so it does not inhibit your daily schedule. If a client would like to change the primary way our office contacts them, they should let their paralegal know.

During the beginning of the case, when it is in the opening, investigating, property damage, or treating department, the client can expect to hear from their paralegal monthly. Paralegals are working to collect the necessary accident details, insurance information, and contact witnesses and the other involved parties. This portion of the case is when the client’s participation is most necessary and they can sometimes expect more than monthly communication.

Once this information has been gathered and the client is focusing on their recovery, the paralegal will call for updated information on their treatment. It is important the paralegal be informed of any new providers the client is seeing, tests and procedures they are having performed, and changes in their health and recovery. If the client would rather update their paralegal at their convenience, they can feel free to contact them to give the necessary information. During this time, if the client is responsive and communicative, their case will run much smoother during the other phases.

When the client is done treating and the case has proceeded to the records, verification, and demand departments, communication continues on a monthly basis but the paralegals usually have less updates on the case. The case can take 60-90 days to move through each department so please be patient as they work with providers, medical record companies, and insurances to get your full settlement amount.

The negotiation and litigation phase of the case uses time as strategy. Insurance companies are hopeful that clients are eager for their settlement and will be quick to accept a low offer. Our firm has a reputation with insurance companies, when we threaten litigation and make final offers, they take us seriously. Low offers often frustrate clients and make them want to give up which allows insurance companies to get away without paying the money our clients deserve.

When entering the negotiation phase, clients can schedule a time to speak with an attorney about the process and get any questions answered. After this initial conversation, it can sometimes take 60-90 days to receive an update from an attorney or paralegal on the case. Rather than irritate and overwhelm the client with disappointing offers, the attorneys and paralegals wait for an acceptable offer to come through and will advise the client on their options.

Your case is personal. And although your case has a number, you will be treated like a person throughout the process. By choosing the Law Offices of Steven D. Weier to handle your case, you are choosing the attention that is vital to your personal recovery, and the professional know-how that is crucial to your best possible settlement. Contact us today for your no-obligation consultation.

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