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Roll cage on a bicycle?

Mad_scientist_transparent_backgroundI was reading a great article in Seattle Bike Blog about Colin Stevens, “The Bicycling Mad Scientist” of Seattle.  I began to wonder if he could build a bicycle with a roll cage to protect people involved in a bike accident.  The number of bike accidents is on a steady rise as more and more people are turning to bikes as a mode of transportation.  According to the Cascade Bicycle Club, “Bicycling is the fastest growing mode of transportation in our region”.

As a personal injury firm that handles bike accident cases we know that each case is unique and can be complicated.  While most collisions between a car and a bicycle are minor, there are accidents that cause tremendous amounts of injury.  Victims of bicycle accidents shouldn’t try and navigate the legal system on their own.  If you’re the victim, you need to concentrate on healing and let your legal team deal with the insurance companies and any recovery any compensation that is due.

Until we have a roll cage, or maybe even airbags airbags on a bicycle, cyclist will have to remain vigilant.

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