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Salvation Army Renton Rotary Food Bank and Parting Thoughts

Salvation Army Renton Rotary Food Bank
Salvation Army Renton Rotary Food Bank

I am a firm believer of the saying “Givers Gain”.  Some may think I’m referring to material gain.  Sure it does sometimes but after dropping off the firms donation to the Salvation Army Renton Rotary Food Bank I gained a sense of community, generosity and cheer.  What a way to start off the holiday season.  For me Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, and a tradition for me is to remind myself what I’m thankful for.  Working in a personal injury law firm I am reminded everyday to be thankful for my health.

We’d like to give some helpful suggestions for a happy and healthy holiday.  Of course from our perspective.

  • There are more drunken drivers out there during this time of year.  Be aware of other drivers around you that may be driving erratic.  Give yourself plenty of space between you and them.
  • Don’t text and drive.
  • Be aware of the changing road conditions.  Adjust your speed and distance to other cars accordingly.
  • If you are injured in a car accident please call an attorney before speaking with an insurance adjuster.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

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