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Yelp, Consumer Reports and AVVO

A lot of consumers site reviews as their primary tool when deciding to buy a product or try a service.  For many year Consumer Reports was the “go to” source for reviews of all kinds of products and services.  The biggest challenge was that their staff didn’t have time to review everything.   This is where services like Yelp, Angie’s List or even’s product reviews have come into play.  These services use crowd sourcing for their reviews, where the consumers can leave their own feedback on products or services for others to review.  While the reviews on these crowd sourced services aren’t always as polished or professional as the reviews from Consumer Reports, the feedback from clients/consumers can be helpful for “the next guy”.

So where do you find reviews and feedback on Attorneys? is a crowd sourced review site where potential clients can browse for local attorneys.  Our firm is proud that Steven Weier has a perfect 10.0 rating and (at the time of writing this) 27 client reviews; when a lot of attorneys struggle to get more than 5 client reviews.

Oh and did I mention that Steven Weier just won the Best of Tukwila 2015.  But that’s for another post and another day.

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