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What do we have in common with the Seahawks?

After watching  the Super Bowl, I wanted to write an article about our boys in blue and green.  But what to write about?  What do we, a personal injury law firm, have in common with football?  After thinking about what makes the Seahawks great, it dawned on me about what makes our firm great.  We both have a great team.

At our firm we have different departments that are responsible for different parts of a case.  In our pre-litigation team we have case openers and investigators, people to manage clients that are treating, people to order records when clients are done treating, people to verify records and write settlement proposals.  Then we have people who negotiate your case and take your case to court if we need to.  Just as a football team has different people working together to win football games, we work as a team to get the best settlement for our clients.

Other firms may have one person handling cases from beginning to end.  This may seem great until you realize that they have to be good at everything, and we all know no one is great at everything.  Our team approach allows us to break up the tasks so that each person only needs to be good at a few things, resulting in better settlements for you.

Go Hawks and Go Team Weier!

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