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Making it Easier to Get Your Life Back to Normal
When you choose WEIERLAW to manage your personal injury case, you put into action a series of organized steps designed to ensure your healthy recovery and the progression of your claim to an appropriate settlement.

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Setting Your Claim into Motion
Clear and detailed communication is vital to the successful handling of your case:

  • You need to be properly informed of how your case will be managed
  • The Law Offices of Steven D. Weier needs to have an accurate account of your accident’s details
  • Where applicable, your employer information and past injuries need to be reported
  • The defendant’s insurance company information needs to be recorded

All these details and more are initially collected and managed through our Starter Kit. In addition to the information above, the Starter Kit will clarify and provide:

  • Fee agreements
  • A written contract
  • Releases for your medical records
  • Printed brochures and support materials on the Law Offices of Steven D. Weier process of managing your case

By gathering your claim’s initial information in an intake summary, our offices can set your claim into motion quickly and accurately.

From there, our experienced personal injury attorneys and heavily-staffed office work hard to move your case to fulfillment while employing cost-saving measures to give your case the attention it deserves at a price you can afford.

Your Initial No-Charge Consultation
For more information on a Starter Kit and intake summary contact us today for an initial no-fee, no-obligation consultation, or learn more about the process that follows this initial step.

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