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Partnering with Healthcare

Making it Easier for Your Clients to Focus on their Recovery

As a doctor with clients suffering from personal injuries, you want their needs met as well as yours. Since 1997, the Law Offices of Steven Weier has worked with doctors of chiropractic and medical doctors in Washington while representing their patients.

Whether you refer your patient to us or they choose our firm to represent their case, your position as care provider will be respected at every step of the process.

Proactively Creating Excellent Working Relationships
Here are just some of the steps we take to ensure an excellent working relationship with you and your offices:

  • Your patient signs a release form allowing our offices to deal directly with your offices for the efficient acquisition of medical records
  • We help your patient manage the timely payment of their medical bills
  • If you are owed a balance, you are paid your portion directly through our offices
  • We respect your standard fees for cases without mitigating circumstances
  • We provide status reports on your patient’s case upon your request, and we often personally deliver checks
  • If your patient’s case involves a deposition or trial, we will prepare you to maximize the effectiveness of your testimony for your patient’s benefit. (For your information, 87% of our cases settle without filing a lawsuit, and 90% of those cases that file a suit get settled prior to trial.)
  • We actively employ a mutual education program to promote understanding and effectiveness between our respective offices while staying on top of the technologies employed in your field of specialty

Working Together For Your Patient’s Best Interests
Learn more about the Law Offices of Steven D. Weier and our personal injury services, or contact us today with your patient referrals or questions. We look forward to working with you.

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