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Attitude can play a significant role in recovery from any injury

Amy Van Dyken 6 time Olympic Gold Medalist - Swimming
Amy Van Dyken 6 time Olympic Gold Medalist – Swimming

There is a great article in the Denver Post about Amy Van Dyken-Roen, a former Olympic Gold Medalist who recently became paralyzed from an ATV accident.  The number of positive quotes from other people recovering from spinal cord injuries is very inspiring.  While the article focused mainly on spinal cord injuries, everyone can benefit from the pearls of wisdom shared.  Whether you’re recovering from a head injury, contusions, a broken arm or leg or whatever may ail you a great attitude can go a long way in your recovery.

If you’re having problems “finding” that great attitude, it may be useful to find a support group.  These groups are great for fostering supportive relationships with people who have gone through similar experiences.  “They have gone through the tunnel and know what’s on the other side”.

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