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More Bike Tourism and Safer Streets

Bethesda_green_bike_tourAccording to an article by Tom Fuculora, if Washington Bikes gets their way we’ll have more Tourism and safer streets.  Hopefully we’ll have the safer streets before more tourism.   The same article states that there are over 430 people killed in traffic collisions and over 2,000 injured every year in Washington state.

Which brings up a good question.  If you’re visiting from out of state and you’re injured an a bicycling accident and you need an attorney, in which state do you hire an attorney?  Do you hire an attorney in your state or the state you had the accident?

You can hire an attorney in either state. However, I think it would be best to hire an attorney in the state you were injured, as they are going to be most familiar with the laws, court rules and procedures.

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