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Maybe we can learn something from the Russians

Dash CamI don’t know how the craze got started, but the Russians certainly embraced and popularized dash cams by posting all of the crazy stuff that gets recorded on Youtube.  But there’s a good reason those dash cams are there.  Besides the wacky stuff they capture, dash cams are actually useful at capturing evidence.  If you’ve ever been in an auto accident you may have experience that the legal system is a proof system and not a truth system.  The dash cam is a silent sentinel recording life whizzing by and recording those incidents the moment they happen.  This impartial witness doesn’t forget the sequence of events, parties involved, where it was or how fast it was traveling (features vary by device).  You may actually want to consider one of these for your vehicle.  It may be the difference between a good settlement or a bad case.  Just remember to post all of the crazy stuff on Youtube.

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