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A little thing called IFCA

IFCA, short for the Insurance Fair Conduct Act, are the laws governing how the insurance companies are supposed to handle your insurance claims.

Authority and purpose.

RCW 48.30.010 authorizes the commissioner to define methods of competition and acts and practices in the conduct of the business of insurance which are unfair or deceptive. The purpose of this regulation, WAC 284-30-300 through 284-30-400, is to define certain minimum standards which, if violated with such frequency as to indicate a general business practice, will be deemed to constitute unfair claims settlement practices. This regulation may be cited and referred to as the unfair claims settlement practices regulation.
Its important to be aware of these laws because periodically the insurance adjusters will push the boundaries or completely violate IFCA.  You should contact an attorney immediately if you feel that the insurance company is engaging in unfair practices, misrepresenting policy provisions or not following the standards for prompt investigation of your claim.  Just a reminder that we offer FREE consultations.
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