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At WEIERLAW you only pay us a fee if you recover financially – and it comes out of the settlement.   Instead of worrying about paying attorney fees, you can focus on the needs of your family to get you through the ordeal of an injury.  You will experience less confusion and stress when you are represented by a WEIERLAW injury attorney.  Call or contact us for a free consultation to explore your options.

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If you have been bitten by a dog, it is crucial that you contact a WEIERLAW representative as soon as possible.  You will need guidance on the steps to take to preserve the evidence surrounding your injury.  You can benefit from a free personalized consultation regarding your case.  It is important that you focus on the safety and health of your loved-ones.   Let WEIERLAW help you by investigating your case and pursuing the financial compensation that you deserve.  Hiring a WEIERLAW injury attorney will significantly increase your chances of receiving the best possible settlement for your injuries.  Every state is different – so ask a WEIERLAW professional to manage the claim.

5 reasons to hire a WEIERLAW Injury Attorney in Washington State

1. WEIERLAW will complete a comprehensive investigation
2. WEIERLAW can recommend high quality medical provider if you need help finding one
3. WEIERLAW prepares a complete case value analysis
4. WEIERLAW is a recognized industry leader in customer service
5. WEIERLAW only charges a fee if you receive compensation

What you should do after a dog bite

If you have been bitten by a dog, there are important steps to follow to assure your health and secure the necessary evidence to pursue an injury claim:

  • Identify the animal’s owner and obtain their contact information.  If possible, find out who their insurance carrier is (usually homeowner’s insurance);
  • Contact the 911 to report the incident.  They will dispatch the necessary services (police, ambulance, animal control);
  • Take photos of the animal, the owner, the location of the incident, and your injuries.   Photos of the injuries BEFORE treatment better illustrates the trauma;
  • Inquire as to the animals vaccinations.  Ask if the owner has vaccination records and the name of the vet;
  • Follow up with an Urgent Care, or an ER if necessary.  Animal bites are serious and prone to infection.  Do not risk your health.


4.7 million people are bitten each year by a dog. That is 6.27% of the world’s population that is affected yearly. The chances are unfortunately higher than expected. Make sure to stay updated on the latest laws regarding dog bites so you can make the best decision for you, or your loved ones.


Home Owner’s insurance and Renter’s Insurance may cover animal bites.  It is important to investigate the type of coverage that the animal owner may have.   Many policies include exclusions for animals, or specific breeds.  You should have WEIERLAW retrieve and review the animal owner’s policies.


Bites by Day

Approximately 100 children are bitten by dogs every day in the US, the majority of these children will need medical attention.

Leading Injury

The American Medical Association cites dog bites as the second leading cause of childhood injury.


Increasing Cost

Claim averages from dog bites have increased over 100% since 2003 with increased medical cost and higher settlements.


Settlement Cost

In 2018 alone, $675 million was paid out in dog-related liability claims in the US.


Call WEIERLAW to discuss your claim.  Limit your communication with the insurance adjuster until you have consulted an attorney.  Understand your rights and protect your family.   Let the injury experts at WEIERLAW work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I am involved in an auto accident?

First, stop and do not leave the scene of the accident. If anyone is injured, call 911. Take notes and photos of the scene to help your insurer. Exchange information with other parties involved in the accident. If you are injured, call an attorney. Learn more about dealing with an auto accident in Washington State

Why do I need a WEIERLAW attorney if I am injured in an auto accident? 

WEIERLAW can handle your recovery concerns, such as monitoring medical expenses, managing medical bill payment, and helping you find trained medical experts. WEIERLAW will also gather the records needed to develop a settlement proposal and enter into case negotiations on your behalf. Learn more about Our Process of a Personal Injury Claim.

How much is my personal injury case worth?

No two personal injury cases are the same. Even similar cases have different circumstances and details. WEIERLAW will be able to determine a case value and develop a settlement proposal that considers the unique factors and circumstances of your case.

If I have been involved in an accident, when should I call a WEIERLAW injury attorney?

If you have been injured, call an attorney as soon as it is safe to do so.

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