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Study shows stress from Injury Claims have long term affects

Let us take the stress out of your personal injury claim.  A recent article from JAMA Psychiatry studied the relationship of stress and long term affects on health. “Many claimants experience high levels of stress from engaging with injury compensation

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What you need to know if you’ve been involved in a massive pileup.

By Olga Blotnis If you find yourself involved in a multiple vehicle collision, remember to:  stay calm, check for injuries and if necessary move your vehicle or get away from your vehicle. If you do not require immediate medical attention,

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Highly recommend, very honest

“They were understanding, efficient and were able to help me with my settlement.” Cynthia P.

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Winter is coming…

By Olga Blotnis Technically speaking, winter is actually already here; While this wonderful season brings snow and all the fun activities associated with it, it also brings bad weather and treacherous road conditions. People who do not follow the rules

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Student dances his way back to a speedy recovery

By Tai Larson This is a remarkable story that I found from 1011now.com.  Isra Somana suffered traumatic brain injury after a car/bike accident on July 15th, 2013.  His therapist is truly amazed at how quickly he’s recovered and how completely

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Alla Momotyuk

aMomotyuk@nullweierlaw.com Alla started with the firm as an intern from Green River Community College.  She was such a motivated and energetic intern that she was offered full time employment immediately upon completion of her program.  She also speaks both Ukrainian

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